David A.R. White & Andrea Logan White

Life Experience Creates Passion to Produce Entertaining and Inspirational Family Films Up Close with David A.R. White & Andrea Logan White
He’s from an ultra-conservative farm home in Kansas where his dad was a Mennonite pastor. She’s from a broken home where she felt invisible and low self-esteem turned into a life-threatening eating disorder. He went to Hollywood and landed on a hit TV show. She went to Hollywood and partied and lived with Playboy Playmates. Yet as only God can, He placed them at the same church and wove their stories together. David A.R. and Andrea Logan still live in Los Angeles and they have been married fourteen years, have three children and are the co-owners of Pure Flix Entertainment – a video-streaming platform that strives to be the most trusted family-friendly source on the web. Both of them have written books; his about going after dreams Between Heaven and Hollywood: Chasing Your God-Given Dream and hers about embracing flaws and a message of grace t...


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