Eric LeMarque

Surviving The Mountain with olympian and former pro hockey player Eric LeMarque
Like many children growing up, Eric LeMarque had hopes of becoming a professional athlete. With the support of his Golden Glove boxer grandfather and his step-dad, combined with his natural athletic ability, he was able to make his dreams a reality and became a professional hockey player. LeMarque played for two years in the minor leagues before going pro in Europe. His dual citizenship enabled him to play in the 1994 Olympics for France. After playing professionally for more than a decade, LeMarque missed that adrenaline rush and turned to snowboarding as well as drugs. His athletic prowess equipped him to become an expert snowboarder as well.
One day when he was snowboarding, he decided to ignore the ski patrol’s warnings and take one last run. Instead of going down the side of the mountain where the groomed runs were, he went down the other side made up of untracked snow. There were no chairlifts on th...


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