Pastor Mark Foreman

Mark Foreman and Joel Parker

Iraq, ISIS, and Understanding Culture Mark Foreman and Joel Parker Tell the Story of A Forgotten Hope
America today has grown in ways technologically never imagined. It’s more racially diverse, great strides have been made in medicine and health, and overall there is hope, but it is also politically polarized and unpredictable. Terrorism is present, and many live with some level of fear. Pastor Mark Foreman and filmmaker Joel Parker set out to help westerners better understand culture and those persecuted for their faith in the heart of conflict, Iraq. Taking multiple trips, with minimal security, they went to an IDP [Internally Displace People] camp, talked with ISIS survivors, questioned politicians and loved the people. But they also saw heaven touch hell. They saw the division and devastation, they got caught in crossfire with the enemy, they felt firsthand the vying for power that leads to horrendous acts and causes world terror. So why go? Why make the documentary Iraq: A Forgot...


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