Mike Low

The Prayer on the Battlefield. A Father's View of His Son's Life-Altering Attack
All families face challenges whether they be physical, emotional or financial. An additional layer is added to families of American warriors wounded in action. Such families often find themselves searching for answers where little response is given.  Mike Low is the father of two sons who were wounded in military service, and as a result, is part of a campaign aimed at welcoming soldiers home, rather than making them feel alienated or isolated. Low’s son Tim was wounded serving in Afghanistan and a battlefield prayer by a U.S. Army chaplain, holds a mighty impact on the experience. It has become part of a story told through the film, No Greater Love.  Written and produced by the chaplain, Justin Roberts, [see related article this issue], the story strikes a strong personal chord for Mike Low.  One that has propelled him into a friendship with Roberts and also produced a strong desire to help...


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