Sam Worthington

Inspired by Film’s Hopeful Message Sam Worthington Embraces Role in The Shack
If you could talk to God, what questions would you ask? In 2005, William Paul Young made fifteen copies of The Shack for Christmas presents. The Oregon-based father of six had written the spiritual parable about the tragic loss of a family’s young daughter after his wife repeatedly urged him to compile, in one place, his perspective on God and on the inner healing he experienced as an adult. He passed out the copies to family and friends and thought little more about it.
Two of his close friends encouraged him to publish it and after some editing, rewriting, and dozens of publisher rejection letters, this first-time author, born to missionary parents, decided in 2007 to self-publish this book that started out as a personal gift. Within the first year, The Shack sold one million copies. It found a publisher and also a spot on The New York Times Best Seller List, where it remained from June 2008 through early...


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