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Posts by Shaylena Marie

Stanley Abele

Surviving World War II Growing up during the Great Depression times were tough, but that didn’t suppress a spirited young boy from dreaming about flying airplanes. Ninety-five-old Stanley Abele, a retired Navy Commander and a WWII fighter pilot has seen a lot in his life. But one fateful day in May of 1945 will never…

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Chaplain Justin Roberts

No Greater Love is the first theatrical documentary filmed on location by an active duty military officer. Chaplain Justin Roberts, who produced the film, served in the 101st Airborne in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan – one of the most embedded strongholds of the Taliban. Chaplain Roberts is known by many for his humility and…

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Stephen Baldwin

Risen talked with 51-year-old about his famous family, his faith and film adaptation, plus his experiences with Donald Trump behind the scenes in “Celebrity Apprentice”.

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