Helicopter rescue of the Brown family.

Miracle Airplane Crash Survival Story

Crashed! The Amazing Miracle of Survival For One Man And His Family: Meet Brian Brown Written by Patti Gillespie As a fire chief and captain for over 25 years, Brian Brown had seen his share of rescue operations. This first responder thought that planning and being prepared; trusting in himself ...
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U.S. National Amputee Soccer Goalie Eric Westover stopping a ball with one arm. Photo by Carl Calabria

U.S. National Amputee Soccer Goalie Eric Westover

Single-Handed Success: The Story of U.S. National Amputee Soccer Goalie Eric Westover Written by Henry Ortlip Life can be unpredictable. Often things don’t turn out as planned and reactions to the challenges life throws can be the difference between giving up or finding the strength to move on and persist. ...
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Prominent Doctor and Author Andrew Doan. Photo by Henry Ortlip

Prominent Doctor and Author Andrew Doan

Understanding and Overcoming His Own Addiction Leads Doctor to Write Book on Video and Internet Gaming Written by Kelli Gillespie He started innocently enough as a kid playing video games, but that took a drastic turn when he discovered internet video gaming. Andrew Doan used the gaming as an escape.  ...
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Craig DeMartino facing fears and continuing his passion to climb.

Death-Defying Rock Climber Craig DeMartino

Free Falling Faith: Craig DeMartino Written by Nikki Jimenez For many people, a 100-foot fall onto pure rock would mean absolute death, but for Craig DeMartino, his story unfolds quite differently. This avid rock climber thought for sure he would die in the outskirts of Rocky Mountain National after a ...
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Author Rosaria Butterfield. Photograph by Jimmy Williams

Author Rosaria Butterfield

A Most Unlikely Convert: Rosaria Butterfield Written by Samantha Baer It wasn’t that she didn’t like Christians; she despised them.  To her, they were shallow people who quoted verses to fit an occasion, but had no depth in explaining the Bible. She was a lesbian and member of the gay ...
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Best-Selling Author Lisa Nichols. Photo by Christopher Hughes Ellis

Best-selling author Lisa Nichols

Filled with Gratitude and Humility, Lisa Nichols Serves from Her Abundance to Motivate the Masses Written by Nikki Jimenez Best-selling author Lisa Nichols believes that every minute of every day, people have the opportunity to choose to be powerful, to be good, and to choose humility, fearlessness, courage, and greatness. ...
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GenerateHope Founder Susan Munsey. Photo by Joanne Max

GenerateHope Founder Susan Munsey

GenerateHope. There Is A Way Out. Girls Caught in the Web of Sex Trafficking Written by Samantha Baer She was a young teenager feeling lost and alone. Seeking approval and love, she was led down a path that ultimately destroyed her life. This scenario is all too common for hundreds ...
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Jaim Connor

Jaim Connor

SMALL: Jaim Connor Shares His Story in Schools Across the Country Written by Jaim Connor with Dave Franco Editor’s Note: Every person has been uniquely created and gifted with skills to influence the world. That uniqueness can come in varied forms through speaking, drama, music, technology, relationship building, learning, creativity, ...
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Brandon Micheal Hall

God Friended Me Meet Brandon Micheal Hall It’s not unusual for someone to get a...
Desert Storm Veteran and Best-Selling Author Lynn Vincent

Desert Storm Veteran and Best-Selling Author Lynn Vincent

From the Battlefield to Best-Selling Author: Lynn VIncent talks Heaven, Heroes, and Human Struggle Written...
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Jingle Jangle with Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose & Madalen Mills

Three generations! Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose and Madalen Mills star in Jingle Jangle: A Christmas...