Chaplain Justin Roberts

No Greater Love is the first theatrical documentary filmed on location by an active duty military officer. Chaplain Justin Roberts, who produced the film, served in the 101st Airborne in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan – one of the most embedded strongholds of the Taliban.
Chaplain Roberts is known by many for his humility and courage as a veteran who served over his battalion consisting of more than eight hundred men. He is a man of action. He didn’t lay back and wait behind the wire, but instead stood on the frontlines next to his men armed only with a camera and the Bible. He believes that the sacrifices of his men define our nation above anything else and as such he has teamed up with veteran organizations and churches nationwide to open doors for others to understand what these warriors have faced with the hope to help them overcome and heal from combat trauma. Roberts shared with Risen that the purpose of his award-winning film is to be a campaign for fundraising to equip, in...


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