Gene McGuire

Set Free from a Life Sentence fora Crime He Didn’t Commit Gene McGuire Reflects on 35 Years in Prison
Sentenced to life without parole. A situation 17-year-old Gene McGuire never imagined he’d find himself in. Yet for this high school sophomore from Pennsylvania, his entire life changed in one eventful night while hanging out with his favorite older cousin. His cousin decided to rob a bar and then murdered the bar owner. Even though McGuire tried to stop it, it was too late. Initially running in fear, McGuire eventually turned himself in to the authorities where he was charged as an accomplice to the murder. Instead, he would spend 35 years in prison. McGuire shares his remarkable story in his recently published book, Unshackled: From Ruin to Redemption. Risen talked with him about that crucial night, how he turned to Christ in prison, and how his story is helping others.
Interviewed exclusively for Risen Magazine
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