Getting Creative with Alabaster Co.

Each of us has been there, hanging out with a group of friends over coffee or a meal and then it happens. An idea is sparked! Everyone starts chiming in and building upon the idea. While it can be fun to talk about an idea, bringing the idea to fruition is another story. For friends Bryan Chung and Brian Chung, they brought their idea Alabaster Co. to life.

Alabaster Co. began late one night when Bryan Chung and Brian Chung were deep in discussion on creativity and God. Reflecting on the direction culture was taking toward visual images, innovation and design, an idea was born: create a brand passionate about fully exploring the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith.Realizing that beautyis a foundational value when talking about creativity and God, they decided to name the company Alabaster, after one of the only times Jesus uses the word beautiful in the Gospels. In Mark 14:1-9, a woman breaks an alabaster jar of incredibly expensive perfume onto Jesus’ head. Many people in the room scoff at her and say what she has done is a complete waste. But Jesus defends the woman saying, “leave her alone, why do you bother her? What she has done is a beautiful thing.” It is this complete act of sacrificial giving which Jesus calls – in the original greek – kalos, which literally means beautiful as a sign of inward goodness. We wanted to have this same level of intentionality and thoughtfulness as the woman did as we created Alabaster.

Alabaster explores the intersection of creativity, beauty and faith through original artistic content and profiles of makers/doers. Focusing on the role of the creative, Alabaster tells the stories of an emerging innovation-forward, visual culture for the sake of a more beautiful human flourishing. With the use of modern design and original photography, they bring the books of the Bible to life. Their approach is to reimagine the experience of the book with the hope that the reader will engage with the scripture in a new way.

“So God created human beings in his own image.In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them…Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good! And evening passed and morning came, marking the sixth day.” Genesis 1:27, 31

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Risen Reflections

Get creative. Whether you are an aspiring artist or just have an idea, God has given each of us a unique set of gifts and talents. There sometimes is a pressure to conform or do things a certain way. But remember that God created the heavens and the earth and each of us. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back and reflect on God’s creation. Take a walk this week at the beach, park or even in your neighborhood. Look at the details of the flowers, the sky and animals. Let it inspire your creativity. Whether you are creating an art installation or putting together a business plan, ask God to give you His creativity.

Inspire others. Each of us has people in our lives that we can encourage in their relationship with God. Some of us are teachers, some are directors, some are parents or grandparents and some are coaches. Whatever position you are in, look around this week and ask God how you can inspire others in their relationship with God. It might be taking a Bible lesson and bringing it to life by creating a piece of art with your children or going to a place that is similar to what they are learning about. It might be taking your small group or family on a hike to enjoy God’s creation and having Bible study under the stars or near an inspirational site. Or it could be gathering some friends and going to a worship concert or getting together and having a worship night. Create a space within your family, small group or group of friends where people can share ideas or what they are working on. Pray for them, give feedback and if you are able to help them connect with others to achieve their vision.

Give sacrificially. Just like the women with the expensive jar of perfume, God wants us to give sacrificially. Each of us has been given time, talent and treasure from God. He wants us to be good stewards of the things entrusted to us. He wants us to hold our hands open with the things He has entrusted us with. Take time this week and ask God to help you give sacrificially of your time, talent and treasure.

We were given a copy of Matthew from Alabaster Company by Frontgate Media. All of our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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