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Jose Campo

More Than A Coach National Wrestling Hall Of Famer Jose Campo
Jose Campo admired his dad and wanted to be just like him. Following in the footsteps of his father, the legendary wrestling coach and Hall of Famer, Joe Campo, Jose, at a mere three years old, started wrestling and dreamed of winning a high school state title -- becoming the apple of his dad’s eye. But a championship wasn’t in the younger Campo’s future and choosing shortcuts became very costly to his career. In high school he struggled with bulimia, in his first three years of college he had three major surgeries, and in 1976, he was kicked out of college in West Point’s largest cheating scandal in history. From there he continued in a downward spiral including alcohol and drugs, rebelling and running. Then, in 1985, Campo says everything changed when he came to know Jesus Christ. Campo would go on to be named National Coach of the Year in 1993 and more recently, was named to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame making him...


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