Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Coffee

Liberty Beans Coffee Company is a family-owned business born through the perfect combination of Culinary Arts and Science. Jim (the chef) and Diane (the chemist) have been married for more than 25 happy years and it took them that long to combine their talents and passion, cultivating their loce for excellent coffee into a craft roasting company.

They both grew up within a stone’s throw of where the first patriots took the ultimate chance… a new independent country. They were inspired by the lesser known patriot, “Bean” Franklin, who proclaimed… ”Great coffee is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.” 

They opened the first roastery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and are honored to share their fresh roasted premium coffee with families across the country. Liberty Bean Coffee Company takes pride in working with green coffee importers and farming partners to search the world for the best coffee available. Each batch is roasted with care, always striving to find the right profile, to bring out the best in each bean resulting in that perfect cup of coffee.

They also want to lift up the community with more than just caffeine. So their flavorful coffee brands feature unique partnerships with woman-owned coffee companies operating in underserved regions. As a tribute to the wonderful women coffee growers around the world, they proudly offer the Amber Waves coffee blend to support these hard-working women financially.

But to please every coffee lover’s palette, their coffee bean shop features a diverse selection of organic and gourmet blends that are sure to please. From dark roast coffee beans, to the extra kick of Columbian and Brazilian espresso coffee beans, or the lighter blends, like the Columbian coffee beans, there is something for everyone. Even their decaf coffee beans feature flavors of toasted walnut, cocoa, and citrus for a smooth finish without the buzz.

The brand believes that the 3 most important things in life are God, family, and friends, and there’s no better way to bring all those together than over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. So whether it’s donations to the USO, supporting women coffee growers, or offering organization fundraisers, the husband and wife team behind Liberty Beans Coffee Company are grateful to share their blessings.


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