Lucas Black: Legacy Peak, Faith & Adventure

You know Lucas Black from the Fast and the Furious franchise, Friday Night Lights and NCIS. In Legacy Peak, he stars as Jason, a man on an adventure to win the hearts of the kids of his soon-to-be fiance. He’s planned a fun trip for them all to fly to the grandparent’s cabin but an unexpected crash occurs making Jason’s plans to quickly dissolve. The three must bond together to survive before they can start a new life as a family together.

So if you’re looking for an action-packed adventure that is perfect for the whole family, stream Legacy Peak now streaming on PureFlix. Plus we talked with Black about filming in the wilderness, braving the elements and the faith and family at the core of this film.

Interviewed for Risen Magazine

Risen Magazine: It’s quite an adventure we get to go along with you in Legacy Peak. Set it up for audiences as what they will expect…

Lucas Black: Legacy Peak is a great fatherhood story. Jason Wild, which is my character, he’s stepping into the fatherhood role. He’s marrying a woman who has two kids, a teenage daughter, and a nine-year-old son. So he’s trying to really connect with them and gain that trust and earn that respect from them. So he decides to take them on a wild adventure. And he has a plane so he’s going to fly them across the Rocky Mountains up to the grandparents’ cabin to spend time with them.

And they end up in the wilderness having a crazy adventure together. So things don’t go according to plan, but he connects with them in a special way. It’s a fatherhood story. It’s one that’s going to uplift and encourage fathers and put them in a good light and empower fathers and nuclear families. So I think it’s something that’s really needed in our culture today. So I was just happy to be a part of this project and blessed because of that.

RM: I love that. It’s so powerful, the importance of community and how that can be so uplifting in all aspects of your life. Talk to me a little bit practically about shooting this film. What did that look like? Time in the wilderness, building fire, wolves. Walk me through a little bit of what a day looked like?

LB: Yeah. Well, I love being outside and love being in the woods. I grew up outdoors so that was something that was exciting for me. And I knew it was going to be fun, but we had to battle some elements. When I first watched Legacy Peak, I was like, “Can you tell that it’s super cold? It’s like 19 degrees.” You can see our breath. And even our voice is kind of sounding like it’s struggling a little bit like it is right now, but that was because of the weather. But we were very fortunate. We were praying the whole time because it was a tight budget and we had a short time to film all those scenes. So we were praying for good weather and we were blessed with good weather on the right days.

One day where we had to be in the water, there’s a ATV crash in the river, so we get soaking wet. And freezing temperatures in the Colorado Rockies, that can be rough. Well, that day, it was 60 degrees and sunny and it just worked out all by the grace of God. It was a huge answer to prayer. But yeah, we had to battle some elements. There’s a few shots on there where you can see it looks like a blizzard and it was a blizzard. We were on top of a mountain at 9,000 feet and a storm came in. The wind was blowing 30 miles an hour and snow was sideways and you couldn’t see past a hundred yards. So we did get to battle the elements. I think that’s part of Aaron Burns’ plan. He like shooting in tough conditions, but we’ll see, it might backfire on him one day.

RM: You got to use some of your NCIS skills to make sure you’re actually making it happen. Nice. Well, I thought that all helped play into us feeling like we are taking this adventure with you. And then working with the two kids, I know they’re not super young, but sometimes that can be an interesting dynamic. What was that like? How did you guys gain the chemistry and the needed rapport so that we believed that it went from cold to now this warm relationship?

LB: Kyleigh and Roman, they did a fantastic job. Kyleigh, she was great. It was such a huge dynamic between Jason and her character. And I thought she played it really, really well. But those two were troopers. They didn’t complain about the weather. Roman was loving it. He loved being out in the wild and in the woods and it was playtime for him. I don’t think he mentioned one time that he was cold.

He might have even said he was hot because he was running around so much. His heart was beating a hundred miles an hour to nothing. So it was great to work with them. I thought it really came across well with our characters and the different dynamics and just with my character trying to step in and be a father to them. It really come across well on screen. So I was just blessed to have them on board.

Legacy Peak is now streaming on PureFlix




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