Morgan Ervin

Morgan Ervin is a firm believer that the shortest distance between two people is a good story. Maybe this is because he has quite a story to tell. At nineteen years old, after a week-long drinking and drug binge, Ervin found himself on his knees in an employee bathroom at Starbucks. When his bloodshot and teary eyes looked in the mirror the reflected image showed him a man who had just wrecked two-and-half long years of work in a 12-step recovery program. Truth and disappointment hit him hard. He dropped down, and with a tightened throat, prayed to a God he hardly believed in.  The simple prayer he managed is one of the most powerful that has ever been prayed.  “God. Help me.”
  Even though Ervin was in doubt, God wasn’t. Ervin was given more help than he bargained for. He left that bathroom a changed man. It would be great to say that everything turned around in that exact moment; that Ervin was given an answer. But as most often happens, it took a while to get there, it’s been a jou...


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