Moriah Peters

Singer-songwriter-actor Moriah Peters stars in Because of Graćia. The twenty-four-year-old never even auditioned for the film, but instead was discovered by director Tom Simes after he watched an I Am Second, YouTube video that featured her. Despite being her first film, Simes cast Peters to star in the title role of Graćia – a girl with charisma, intelligence and conviction and a dark past, which makes the role that much more complicated to play. It would require an actor marked by their own struggles, pain and overcoming. Something Peters could relate to. It was not long ago that Peters was rejected on national television for her purity and perfectness by American Idol judges. But, it was after that rejection that Peters said she truly began to experience a life that she could write songs about. Since then, she left her hometown and moved to Nashville to pursue music full time. She met and married Australian, Joel Smallbone, from the group for King & Country, and founded an all-g...


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