The Wingfeather Saga

Singer/Songwriter Ellie Holcomb with Kids at The Wingfeather Saga Premiere


Tom Joyce

From Pilot to Pentagon to Pulpit, His Faith  Has Carried Him Through An atomic bomb explosion—a fatal gunshot fired—a shattering earthquake – for many people these…

9 minute read

Adrian Gonzalez

Baseball, the Bible and Now Boston While Adrian Gonzalez has spent the majority of his Major League Baseball career with the San Diego Padres, this…

5 minute read

Jars of Clay

Risen was able to have a candid conversation with the lead singer of this multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning band, Dan Haseltine, about fighting perceptions, cultural shifts, and the lasting power of this beloved band.

17 minute read

C.J. Hobgood & Jamie Tworkowski

Your Best Days Are Yet to Come… This story begins with two high school kids. Both are from Florida. Both love to surf. Both became…

21 minute read

Melchor Menor

Muay Thai World Champion Melchor Menor Exemplifies Forgiveness, Perseverance At 19 years of age, Melchor Menor became a professional Muay Thai fighter. Since that time, he has…

6 minute read

Filmmaker Dan Merchant Digs Deep into Politics & Religion

Remember that rule about never discussing politics and religion in polite conversation? Apparently no one told Dan Merchant. Merchant is the writer/producer/director, of Lord, Save…

6 minute read

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