From Migrant Farm Worker to NASA Astronaut, Jose Hernandez Inspiring Journey to Space


Channing Tatum

He’s more than a pretty face – although Channing Tatum is that too. Beginning his rise to fame as the face of Abercrombie & Fitch,…

8 minute read

Nicholas Sparks

A cold December wind was blowing, and Teresa Osborne crossed her arms as she stared out over the water.  Earlier, when she’d arrived…” Even though…

12 minute read


The Strength of An Actor: KEVIN SORBO Best known as Hercules, Kevin Sorbo has played a variety of roles for both television and movies. Under the…

6 minute read

Mark Crear

Only a few people in the world can say they were the “fastest man on the planet.” It’s even more exclusive to earn that distinction…

8 minute read

The Philippine All-Stars

The Risen team enters the spacious split-level house in the hills of Los Angeles to find twenty sets of multi-colored Adidas shoes lined up in the…

10 minute read

Sinead O’Connor

Repairing God’s Broken Windows Interviewed exclusively for Risen Magazine. Risen Magazine: Is it difficult for you to reenter the musical world after being so long…

5 minute read

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