Vol 17 – Iss 2 Sam Worthington





Captain Katie Higgins: Fly Like a Girl: First Female Blue Angels Pilot
Coach Jose Campo: National Wrestling Hall of Fame
Actor Sam Worthington: Star of The Shack and Inspired by the Hopeful Message
Hobby Lobby’s Lauren McAfee: A Billion-Dollar Family Business Built on Unshakeable Beliefs
Christopher J.W.B. Leggett, M.D.: Provision and Prayer: Just what this Doctor Ordered
Propaganda: Poet, Spoken Word, Hip-Hop Artist and Battle Rapper


Miracle: Gene McGuire:  Set Free from a Life Sentence for a Crime He Didn’t Commit
Outreach: ONE Extraordinary Marriage Founders Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
Q5: A United Kingdom – David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike
Music Supervisor Anastasia Brown; The Sound of The Shack
Founder Courtney Brockmeyer – Sydney Paige
Expressions: Dave Adamson – Dad Develops Photo-Driven Devotional to Help  Dyslexic Daughter