Election years are often filled with debates not only amongst the candidates, but also between believers and society in general. Last fall’s election coupled with tragic shootings amplified racial discussions. Social media newsfeeds became flooded with videos and commentary. For hip-hop artist, Propaganda, it became an opportunity to be an advocate for unity. Known for his ability to challenge listeners’ minds and hearts through his rap, spoken word and poetry, Propaganda recently toured with Sho Baraka and had conversations about unity, ethics, race, faith and how the church should respond. Risen talked with Propaganda about how he got his start as a hip-hop artist, how he has become an advocate for compassion and unity, and his latest release, Crooked.
Interviewed exclusively for Risen Magazine
Risen Magazine: You are a poet, spoken word hip-hop artist and battle rapper. How did you get your start?
Propaganda: I fell in love with hip-hop at a pretty young age. When I say hip-hop, ...


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