Secret Headquarters: Owen Wilson & Walker Scobell

What if your dad is a superhero?

For young Charlie Kincaid, played by Walker Scobell, that crazy idea never crossed his mind. His father,
Jack, played by Owen Wilson, seems to be the furthest thing from a hero – super or otherwise. Jack is a typical absentee parent, whose work as an I.T. specialist keeps him away from home much of
the time, much to Charlie’s disappointment. Despite Jack’s efforts to cheer Charlie up with a rare night of enjoying pizza and video games together, he is called away for yet another I.T. work emergency.

Charlie and four of his friends get way more than they bargained for when they happen upon a hidden elevator that takes them to the lair of a superhero known as The Guard. This super-powered, super-secret headquarters is an endless wonderment of alien-fueled technology that can do anything. Now, Charlie must come to terms with discovering that his dad is The Guard, and with his pals, save the world from a villainous group of mercenaries who have infiltrated the lair and threaten to harness its incredible technology for their own nefarious purposes.

We talked with Owen Wilson and Walker Scobell about balancing family and saving the world, the secret headquarters, gadgets and more.

Secret Headquarters streams on Paramount+ August 12


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