Summer Fun with Mandy Arioto

Summer is the perfect time to have fun. For some it can be a much needed break from deadlines, projects and the daily grind of school or work. For others it can be a great time to reconnect with friends and family visiting on vacation. Whether it is the neighborhood block party, a day at the beach or simply riding bikes with the family, there are so many simple ways to have fun. For MOPS International CEO, Mandy Arioto, she believes that having fun helps her to experience the love and joy of God. 

Arioto does not take life seriously. It’s a message she shares with some 130,000 MOPS members all across the world. Have More Fun: How to Be Remarkable, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Start Enjoying Life, Arioto’s sophomore title, speaks to anyone whose life is running them. In Have More Fun, Arioto delivers a crash course in getting unstuck, laughing freely and enjoying life’s ride. From daily stressors to the lifelong quest to find life’s purpose – Arioto proposes to answer them with a healthy dose of “fun.” 

Bob Goff writes in the foreword why people need to say, “Yes,” to fun. 

“Mandy is inviting you to kick off your shoes. Ignore whatever your law-abiding neighbors might think about you, and join her on this journey. Say yes. Your neighbors need you to say yes. Your family needs you to say yes. The world needs you to say yes. And know that as you choose to live with joy and delight and whimsy and fun, I’m cheering you on.” 

Through a charming blend of science, historical trends, hilarious stories, practical ideas and spiritual truth, Have More Fun is bent on helping readers do more of what makes them come alive. Arioto found that choosing fun can be a spiritual discipline – a place to experience the boundless love and joy of God in everyday, surprising ways. For those waiting until their to-do list is finished, or who need a good laugh, it’s time to stop taking life too seriously. Have More Fun shows the way to a life that readers can really enjoy. 

Click here to enter to win a copy of Have More Fun: How to Be Remarkable, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Start Enjoying Life, for you and a friend. 

 For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you?20 Indeed, you are our glory and joy. 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20

Risen Reflections

Make a fun list. Whether it is with your family, group of friends, or small group, make a list of things that you want to do together. It can be things you have already done before and enjoy and it can also be new things you would like to try. It can be simple things or even a trip. Try to mix it up so the group doesn’t feel overwhelmed too. Take turns picking activities from the list. It can also be fun to capture the adventures and make a photo album to share. 

Examine the fun stealers. Each of us have things in our lives that can steal our joy. It could be the tendency to work overtime. It could be not being able to say “No,” to others and overcommitting ourselves. It could be struggling with anxiety or depression and not wanting to be around others. Take time this week and ask God what things have a tendency to steal your joy or distract you from living your life fully for Him. It can also be helpful to ask people that are close to you that see your life on a daily basis. Ask them to give you feedback. Pray and ask God to show you simple ways that you can set boundaries for those things that might steal your joy. 

Find a fun friend. God created us to experience life with others. Friends can often encourage us to try things we might not be willing to do on our own. We can help each other through good and challenging times in life through support and prayer. If you don’t have a faithful and fun friend in your life, pray and ask God to connect you with someone. It could be someone at church, small group or at work. If you already have faithful friends in your life, ask God how you can encourage them this week. It could be writing them a note, praying for them or doing an act of service. Take time this week to read through the story of David and Jonathan and reflect on their friendship. 

We were given a copy for review of Have More Fun: How to Be Remarkable, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Start Enjoying Lifeby Harper Collins. All of our thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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