Executive Director for Focus on the Family Tim Sisarich

Tim Sisarich, Executive Director for Focus on the Family, sitting on the Eastern Gate to the old city in Jerusalem. Photograph courtesy of Focus on the Family

The Ultimate Family Man – Meet Tim Sisarich Written by Dave Franco When Tim Sisarich kissed his wife and kids goodbye and drove away from his home to embark on a world tour, he was setting out to learn as much as he could about the faces in his rear view mirror. As the Executive…

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Moms’ Night Out Movie Star Sean Astin

Moms' Night Out Movie Star Sean Astin. Photograph Courtesy of Provident Films

Finding Balance in Work, Family Life and Faith: Sean Astin Offers Radio That is a Voice of the People Written by Kelli Gillespie As a teen, he took us on a treasure hunt as Mikey in the movie Goonies; a few years later he captured our hearts with the underdog football story of Rudy.  In…

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