Tessa Huff

A Talent for Taste & Design
Even at a young age, Tessa Huff loved the arts. Whether through her many hours in dance, music or theater, she grew to appreciate all. So when health reasons prevented her from continuing in dance in her mid-twenties, it’s not surprising that she discovered another creative expression through culinary arts; specifically, pastries and cakes. Opening a specialty cake shop in Sacramento, California, Huff worked the next four years creating recipes and designing cakes that soon set her apart. She engaged in food blogging, gained an international audience, and a move to Canada ultimately led her to writing her first cook book.  Risen caught up with this talented baker to talk about her early days in a highly competitive industry, the support her family gives, the writing of a new book, and the challenge of balancing it all.
Interviewed exclusively for Risen Magazine in Vancouver, Canada
Risen Magazine: How did your love for baking and pastries develop?


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