The Narrow Way Cafe

From Shark Tank to The Profit, watching entrepreneurs pitch their ideas can be exciting and also nerve-wracking. It is also inspiring to hear the stories of how the entrepreneurs developed their product and for many the impact their business has been able to make in the community. But that excitement can often be overwhelming too. The desire to meet business goals and sometimes expectations of a board or investors can be challenging. David and Jonathan A. Merritt know that tension well.

Serving the Metro Detroit community for decades within the faith-based sector, the next generation of leaders within the Merritt family – David and Jonathan A. Merritt have blazed their own trails as not just faith leaders but entrepreneurs. They opened The Narrow Way Café two years ago in Detroit’s historic Avenue of Fashion. They are a community-focused café.

Over the past year, the brainchild of the Merritt sons, The Narrow Way Cafe serves the community fostering a stress-free environment where residents and customers can enjoy high-quality coffee and baked goods. In addition to expanding their menu, the duo has announced the release of the coffee shop’s mobile application. The application allows customers not only pre-order the beverages of their choice but also allows provides the opportunity to purchase a range of the shop’s coffees, various scrubs and bath salts from its online store.

Jonathan A. Merritt shares the vision of The Narrow Way Café .

We believe thatThe Narrow Way serves as an equalizer within the community. The cafe has come a community within a community. With our recent expansions, it has been our desire to meet the needs of our community – creating a stress-free experience for all.”

As Motor City Match grant winners, David and Jonathan A. Merritt and the team at Narrow Way strive to impact lives around them daily simply by providing great coffee and conversations while sharing the love of God.

Patron Christina Z reflects on her experience at The Narrow Way Café.

“All I can say is WOW! This place is impeccable and is such a breath of fresh air. I am usually a corporate coffee connoisseur but in the last few months, I have found a new love for local owned coffee shops. This place is giving me Portland meets Detroit vibes. I will definitely be a new face at such a dope coffee shop this place is one of a kind. They make smoothies, tea, and all types of coffee. Also their music choice is amazing. Another great business filling in the gaps of the city. Making Detroit a place to be!!!!”

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Risen Reflections

Impact your community. Whether you are a business owner, businessman, or mom-on-the-go, pray and ask God how He wants you to impact your community. It could be starting a business that has an outreach component to it. It could be hosting a bible study or outreach event at your business. It could be donating items from your business to a ministry. It could be mentoring others in your skill or trade. Take time this week to write down all the gifts, talents and resources God has entrusted you with. Hold your hands open and ask God how He wants you to use what He has given you to help others and ultimately His Kingdom.

Take steps of faith. Sometimes God gives us dreams or visions that seem big and unattainable. Be open and willing to take steps of faith if He is calling you to something larger than yourself. It could be starting a ministry or new business. It could be moving to another country to be a missionary. It can be helpful to talk to others who have had similar callings. Ask them if there were verses or books that were helpful in their relationship with God. Ask your close friends and small group to pray for you in your pursuit of following God’s calling. Take time this week to read through the different characters throughout the Bible that God had take steps of faith from Noah to Moses and the Twelve Disciples. Often God would only reveal a little bit at a time.

Create community. We live in a world of hustle and bustle. We are constantly rushing from one activity to the next. Often with little time in between to spare. It can leave us with little bandwidth to connect with others, develop relationships and establish authentic community. Take a step back and evaluate your relationships. Are there people in your life that you are able to share life’s challenges and triumphs with? Do you have people that you can pray for you? It’s okay if the answer is no or not really. Pray and ask God to show you people in your life that you can establish community with. It might mean getting more involved in a small group at church or getting involved in a ministry or even attending church more regularly. It could even be just grabbing coffee or going for a walk with a friend. It might mean saying, “No,” to some things so that you have more free time to say, “Yes,” to other things.

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